WOD Fri 4-27-12
April 26, 2012
WOD Mon 4-30-12
April 29, 2012

WOD Sat 4-28-12

“Its not how hard you can hit, its how hard  you can get hit and keep moving forward.  That’s how winning is done.”

Call me cheesy or sentimental I don’t care, this one fires me up.

Group jog 4 laps, partner PNF stretching then 3 rounds of:
10 reps PVC deadlift, 10 reps PVC pass through, 10 reps flutter kicks
WOD Movement review and pick weights
WOD: Chipper (all of the following for time)
20 Pullups
30 deadlift burpees (Rx is bodyweight)
40 Toes to bar (See a coach for scaling)
50 Doubleunders (sub 150 singles if you do not have consistent DU)
60 Air Squats
One block sprint (down back stairs, to corner of Franklin and 26th – touch the RR Crossing/Yield sign and back to the box – tag the corner column by the clock to finish) WATCH FOR CARS
Cool down, post times to comments