WOD Thu 5-17-12
May 16, 2012
WOD Sat 5-19-12 “KB Buddy”
May 18, 2012

WOD Fri 5-18-12

Lumbar arch intact, chest up, weight in the heels, knees track over the feet, depth below parallel.  Looks like a good squat to me Megan!

400M Run, coach lead running drills: slalom stick & move, 5 step touch, fwd, side, reverse trots
WOD Movement review: Med Ball Clean, Burpees
6 rounds (or scale # of rounds appropriately)
3 minutes for max rounds and reps of:
20 Med ball cleans 20/14 lb
20 Burpees
1 minute rest between sets
For intro participants – the Med Ball Clean will be a “ground to shoulders” exercise with proper form reviewed by a coach
Final score is total reps so keep track with sidewalk chalk during each rest period
Cool Down, stretch out, and post total reps to comments