WOD Wed 5-23-12
May 22, 2012
WOD Fri 5-25-12
May 24, 2012

WOD Thu 5-24-12

“Today’s spiritual cultivation is very shallow.  Look at how much people have and are still unhappy.”  Let us know what you think about this clip

Warmup: Lots of shoulder and hip DROM, dynamic squat stretches with band, PVC pass throughs
3 x through Burgner W/U with PVC, follow each round with 5 PVC OHS
Strength/Skill: Overhead Squat
7 sets of 5 – scale to an appropriate challenging weight or go for a 5 rep max if cleared by a coach
3 rounds of
12 OHS 95/65 lbs
40 Doubleunders
Post loads and times to comments, cool down and stretch out