WOD Sat 7-28-12
July 27, 2012
WOD Tue 7-31-12
July 30, 2012

WOD Mon 7-30-12

Homework for today is to read the following article – spend 5 minutes of your time and try to think about one change you can make in your diet that will improve your performance in and out of the gym!

Metabolic Healing Article

Key Quote: “I recommend maximizing one’s nutrition practice before engaging in athletic programs. If you are someone who is physically active and engage in regular athletic performance, consider that by maximizing your nutrition practice, you can not only maximize your performance, but you will protect and prevent many of the problems encountered by other athletes.”

Warmup:  2 Rounds of: Row 250, shoulder mobility complex (band stretches and LAX ball), 15 air squats with 3 sec pause at the bottom


Strength: Pause Back Squat 3 x 7-10 (Pause is long enough to show control below parallel)


AMRAP in 15 min
15 Wallball
15 KB swing 24/16
15 Abmat situps
200M run