WOD Tue 8-7-12 : De-load week – Day 2

WOD Mon 8-6-12 : De-load week – Day 1
August 5, 2012
WOD Wed 8-8-12 : De-load week – Day 3
August 7, 2012

WOD Tue 8-7-12 : De-load week – Day 2

A photo and some words from CrossFit Ann Arbor – producer of multiple CrossFit games athletes and one podium finisher


“Training is about self improvement. Questing to be better today than yesterday is the goal. We often train in groups where people cannot help but to compare themselves to others. These comparisons tend to get people focused on relative performance rather than self assessment. There will always be someone better than you at something. You need to focus on being better than you of yesterday.  Focus on your movements and your performance. Get better every day”

Sound familiar?

500M row
Arm circles, leg swings – 10x each arm/leg/direction
Band mobility complex – Squat/Deadlift pulling for hip, leg, groin – 12-15 minutes
Band squat stretches – alternate 30 sec stretch – 10 air squats for 3 rounds
10 reps PVC Bear complex – (deadlift, power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press)
WOD: 5 x 4 minute intervals – perform each with proper form with the same barbell
9 Hang Power cleans
6 Front Squats
3 Shoulders to overhead
Men 135, Ladies 95 (for those not De-loading)
Cool down with some light jogging or rowing, at least 5 minutes worth and maintain a sweat.  Then stretch hamstrings, shoulders, back. 
Post load and fastest/slowest round to comments
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