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August 28, 2012
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August 30, 2012

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For all those with runner’s knee or other hip/knee pain issues – there are a few PT movements that require a strong IT band, but that specific strength may be difficult to develop when our ingrained motor patterns are bad.  Check out this article and series of strengthening exercises to assist and toss a few into your warmup routine!

500M Row
3 rounds NFT:
15 pushups
15 ring rows
Squat bottom hold – 1 minute
15 air squats
Skill: Pistols
Spend 10 minutes working on pistols
– Ask a coach about how to scale and the different progressions
– Identify your range of motion issues (is it tight ankles or hamstrings?) and find a stretch or mobilization method to attack them
4 rounds for time
400M Run
50 Air squats
Cool Down:
Row 500M easy,  2 rounds through 3-movement series above with the small or medium bands, stretch the quads, foam roller on glutes and quads
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