WOD Thu 8-30-12
August 29, 2012
WOD Sat 9-1-12
August 31, 2012

WOD Fri 8-31-12

Tom with a strong overhead position! No question about effort here.

50 jumping jacks
1 Lap outdoor jog
Come back inside for LAX ball and position stretching for going overhead
Skill/Strength: (Experienced Athletes only) Shoulder Press
5 Sets of 3 at 80%, 85%, 90% – Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets
If you are new or not confident of your form use this time to drill perfect mechanics before going up in weight
5 x 4 minute rounds
1 minute max reps – Shoulders to overhead – 95/65#
1 minute max reps – Toes to bar (scale as necessary)
1 minute row for max calories
1 minute rest
– Score reps and calories and total all 5 rounds for your final score
Cool down: minimum 500M continuous row, easy pace.  Shoulder, tricep & quad stretches
Post total reps completed to comments