WOD Fri 8-31-12
August 30, 2012
WOD Mon 9-3-12 Labor Day Hero (It was Josh)
September 2, 2012

WOD Sat 9-1-12

CFM says goodbye to Marissa who is headed off to College! Best of luck and come back and visit when you are in town!

Coach led PT and calisthenic warmup: running drills, trunk, shoulder, hip mobility, and light plyometrics
WOD Movement Review and Setup
New athletes may use a sandbag or plate for thrusters
1000M Run “Buy-In” (2 outdoor laps)
100 Reps – Ground to Shoulders – 115#/75#
– Every time you drop the bar (or have to pause at the bottom) perform 25 doubleunders or 75 singles
– Touch & go only at the ground every rep
– You can rest in the front-rack position only, any other long pause is considered a drop (i.e. no creative cheating)
– 25 minute time cap
Post your total time and total number of drops to comments
Cool down:
walk/slow jog 2 laps, stretch posterior chain, foam roller and stretch that back-side