WOD Fri 9-14-12
September 13, 2012
WOD Mon 9-17-12 “Cindy”
September 16, 2012

WOD Sat 9-15-12

Recent 101 graduate Autumn getting into the ring rows

50 unbroken Jumping jacks
Run 2 laps
10 PVC pass throughs
Then 3 rounds group warmup:
5 hang clean – unloaded bar
5 pullups
5 box jumps
30 sec squat bottom stretch
WOD Movement review and scaling:
Row, pullups, ground to shoulders
WOD – Today we are officially rolling out a new scaling regime.  All our workouts will be programmed for beginner, intermediate, and RX’d ability levels to standardize the scaling for all athletes.  We will be very stingy with deviations from these three groups and will always encourage you to continue to progress towards RX’d.  Don’t worry about the weights – focus on movement quality and consistency and the weight will come in time!
5 times through the following circuit using a 40 sec work/20 sec rest interval throughout:
2 minutes max calories rowing
2 minutes max reps pullups (RX’d – unassisted, Intermediate – band assisted or jumping pullups, Beginner – ring rows)
2 minutes max reps Ground to Shoulders (power clean) (RX’d – 135/95, Intermediate 95/65, Beginner – 55/35 or 50/30# sandbags)
No gap between sets or rounds, this is exactly 30 minutes of movement. 
Score your total reps and calories for the WOD
Cool down – group walk/jog and stretch
Post scores to comments!
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