WOD Tue 9-18-12
September 17, 2012
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September 19, 2012

WOD Wed 9-19-12

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Fixing internal rotation issues will clear up a wide range of shoulder pain and get us turning over that bar in the snatch the way we should – take some time today and work with a partner or on your own and try to grind out some scar tissue to restore that ROM

500M row
Spend 5-8 minutes working shoulder mobility – internal/external rotation, overhead position, thoracic spine – make sure you test & re-test to see if what you are trying is having a positive impact
Handstand holds – 3 x 15
Kip practice – (just the kip) 3 x 15
Start shoulder pressing with an unloaded barbell to finish the warmup and roll right into the strength session
Strength/Skill: Shoulder Press
7 sets of 3 – working up to the 80%-90% load range with good form – NO extended spines
Conditioning: (Partner up)
EMOM for 10 minutes – alternating
Shoulder press – 7 reps 95/65 (Int – 65/45, Beg – 45/25)
Back Squat – 7 reps 155/105 (Int – 115/75, Beg – Air Squats x 10)
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Cool down – stretch out and make sure you don’t leave before you update your benchmark WOD log!