WOD Thu 9-20-12
September 19, 2012
WOD Sat 9-22-12
September 21, 2012

WOD Fri 9-21-12

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“Where are all the machines?”

This video aired on ESPN2 during the 2012 CrossFit Games – a wonderful visual and verbal description of what it is we are doing locally at CrossFit Manitowoc and globally as a fitness movement.  Every one of our athletes is a part of something out of the ordinary that is in the sole business of making you better.
Run 3 laps, Row 300M, Run 1 lap backward, 20 pushups
3 rounds Burgner warmup – final round with an unloaded barbell
Skill/Strength: Clean Pulls (from the ground) – complete by :30 after
5 sets of 3 – as heavy as possible
3 rounds of –
500M Row Time Trial
Rest exactly 2 minutes
20 unbroken reps deadlift (Rx’d – Bodyweight, Int – 0.75*BW, Beg – 0.5*BW) 
Rest exactly 1 minute
Post your row times and loads from the clean pull
Cool down with some light jogging, hamstring mobility and roll out the lower & middle back