Mon 9-24-12 – De-load week – Day 1

WOD Sat 9-22-12
September 21, 2012
Tue 9-25-12 – De-load week – Day 2
September 24, 2012

Mon 9-24-12 – De-load week – Day 1

Time for another de-load week!  If you have never done de-load week – the basic principle is to insert into our high intensity training program a week of active recovery, focus on form, skill development, and mobility.  Our workouts will be executed at approximately 50-60% perceived exertion and a similar reduction in volume.  This does not mean we do nothing and it does not mean it is “easy”.  You will however, be forced to rest and go slower than normal, which may feel strange.  Focus on form and worry less about time and weight.  Our mobility focus for this week is foot position and the muscles and soft tissue that make our feet move.  We will be posting a daily foot-oriented mobility or movement video and incorporating those techniques into our warmups and cool downs.  As always if anyone has questions ask a coach!


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You are not a duck! Don’t walk or stand like one.  Make your combat stance your resting stance.
2 laps easy jog – think about keeping those feet straight as you run
30 sec each leg – calf/ankle stretch
2x each leg – spiderman stretch
30 sec squat bottom hold
30 jumping jacks
3 rounds through Burgner W/U
Movement review – 3 position snatch – high to low – demo video here
4 x 5 minute intervals
2 sets – 3 position snatch – working high to low – 40-50% of 1RM (Int – work with bar only, Beg – 6 x power snatch)
10 GHD situps (Int- GHD situps to parallel, Beg – Abmat situps)
10 pullups (Int – Band assisted, Beg – Ring rows)
Run 2 laps
Cool Down: 
500M Easy row
Roll out feet on the foam rollers or LAX ball – spend 5 minutes stretching toe-flexors and working on improving ankle ROM
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