WOD Thu 10-4-12 “Elizabeth”
October 3, 2012
WOD Sat 10-6-12
October 5, 2012

WOD Fri 10-5-12

Ryan & Megan demonstrating the ring pushup

200M run
250M row
3 minutes coach led mobility and calisthenic warmup
Shuttle run agility drills – 4 lengths
10 vertical frog hops
50 doubleunders
For time –
400 Doubleunders (Int/Beg – 1000 singles)  If you can not jump rope we will modify accordingly
At the top of every minute perform 4 sandbag thrusters 50/30#
Cash out:
2 sets: Max reps strict pullups – rest approximately 90 seconds between efforts
Cool down – minimum 2 laps walk down, stretch calves, ankles, roll out or calf smash on foam roller and LAX ball
Post times and pullup reps to comments