WOD Mon 10-15-12
October 14, 2012
WOD Wed 10-17-12
October 16, 2012

WOD Tues 10-16-12

Chuck in the weightless zone with the KB Snatch

Warmup: Jog 500m, followed by 3 rounds of: 5 pullups, 10 ring dips, 15 squats, then jog 500m.

Spend 5 min working on shoulder mobility

Skill: Muscle-up progression work on Olympic rings (15 min)

WOD: 10 min AMRAP:

300m run,

5 Jerks (135#/95#) (Int-95#/65#, Beg-55#/35#)

10 GHD situps (or TTB) (Int-Knees to parallel, Beg-Abmat situps)


Cooldown and post rounds/reps to comments.