WOD Fri 10-19-12
October 18, 2012
WOD Mon 10-22-12 “Lynne+”
October 21, 2012

WOD Sat 10-20-12

Lisa working the single arm overhead dumbell lunge

Warmup: Row 500m, then 2 rounds of: 20 sandbag deadlifts, 10 ring dips, 10 ring rows, and 10 GHD situps.  Finish warmup with 50 feet of walking lunges.

‘Buddy’ WOD (all reps are cumulative total of both partners, only one ‘buddy’ working at a time): 1 lap buddy carry (or heavy sandbag),  100 Abmat Situps,

1 lap barbell carry (barbell should weigh the same as the ‘buddies’ combined),  100 pushups,

1 lap buddy carry, 100 squats,

1 lap barbell carry, 100 pullups

Cooldown with 2 walking laps, 500m row, foam roller work.

Hug your buddy and thank them for a great workout!!