WOD Mon 10-22-12 “Lynne+”
October 21, 2012
WOD Wed 10-24-12
October 23, 2012

WOD Tue 10-23-12


Soon-to-be Coach Jen Rada warming up her overhead squat

3 rounds not for time
250M row
30 sec calf/ankle stretch
10 toe touches each leg
10 pass throughs
1 round through Burgner warmup
Strength/Skill: Snatch
20 minutes snatch practice – work to a 1 rep max or drill technique at a challenging load
Cash Out:
75 reps for time – Good mornings 55/35#
Cool Down: 
Walk/jog 2 laps – move through a minimum of 20 unweighted death march steps and posterior chain stretching.  LAX ball and foam roller on middle back and traps