WOD Fri 10-26-12
October 25, 2012
WOD Mon 10-29-12
October 28, 2012

WOD Sat 10-27-12

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Intensity is the variable that most strongly affects the rate of beneficial adaptation to exercise!  We want you to be dripping in sweat, gasping for breath, at the end of every WOD (D-I-S-G-F-B).  Developing the ability to push that hard will make you physically and mentally tough and prepare you for more than just your next workout.


 Arm/shoulder DROM – shoulder shrugs, arm circles
Squat & deadlift stretching with sandbags
Run 3 laps – 5 burpees after each lap
Duck walk 1/4 lap
Bear Crawl 1/4 lap
Crab walk 1/4 lap
Walk backwards on toes 1/4 lap
10 Wallballs 
Workout movement review:
Sandbag toss – rules & scaling (plates or med-balls for beginners)
Wallball – weight & height
21 Reps – Sandbag toss over 20″ obstacle 50#/30# (Beg 35#/25# plate cleans)
21 Reps – Wallball 20/15 to 10’/9′ (Int: 15/10, Beg: 15/10 to 9’/8′ height)
21 Reps – Toes to bar (Int: Hanging knee raises, Beg: Abmat situps)
Run 2 laps
15 Reps – Sandbag toss
15 Reps – Wallball
15 Reps – TTB
Run 2 laps
9 Reps – Sandbag toss
9 Reps – Wallball
9 Reps – TTB
Run 2 laps
30 Burpees (Beg: 20 reps)
Cash Out:
Max continuous reps – Kettlebell Jerk (shoulders to overhead) 32kg/24kg
– You may switch hands but the KB can not drop below your shoulders
– KB may not rest on shoulders, only upper arm
Cool down: 
Minimum Row 500M, stretch posterior chain and shoulders, spend at least 5 minutes on the foam roller stretching quads and hamstrings
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