WOD Tue 11-20-12
November 19, 2012
WOD Thu 11-22-12 “Murph”
November 21, 2012

WOD Wed 11-21-12

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– Main Points of this video:
Loading the spine while in spinal extension is bad
Make the deadlift a simple movement – fix the setup and burn it into your muscle memory so you perform the movement the same way fresh and exhausted
Prioritize a braced, neutral spine
For deadlift – we want to “get organized” from the top down, not necessarily the same way we do it for a snatch or a clean
Run 3 laps then
1 Lap – Alternate 50ft un-weighted death march/50 ft lunge/50 ft walk on heels/50ft walk backward on toes
3 rounds NFT:
5 pullups
5 pushups
5 barbell deadlifts
5 barbell good mornings
Strength: Deadlift
7 x 1 – Seven-one rep max attempts
– If you are not comfortable with a one rep max go for sets of 3, but they should be heavy
– Take as much as 3 minutes between efforts
– Warm up reps should not count toward your 7 working sets
Cash out:
90 seconds – max reps deadlift at 1/2 your 1RM
Cool down: 
Row 800m easy, stretch and roll out hamstrings and hips, lower back