WOD Thur 11-29-12
November 28, 2012
WOD Sat 12-1-12
November 30, 2012

WOD Fri 11-30-12

Jeff demonstrating a tight core, neutral spine on the pushup

Warmup: 600m row, alternating high and low efforts at 100m intervals.  Then 2 rounds of:  50 jump rope singles, 20 lunges, 15 pushups, and 10 DROM toe touches, 1 min Spiderman stretch on each leg.

WOD: (for time)-  1000m row, 30 sandbag weighted lunges (50/30#), 750m row, 40 sandbag lunges, 500m row, 50 sandbag lunges

Cooldown by jogging 4 laps, repeat the same Spiderman stretches from the warmup, and post your times to comments.