WOD Sat 12-8-12
December 7, 2012
WOD Tue 12-11-12
December 10, 2012

WOD Mon 12-10-12

Cindy looking strong on her pushups!

(0-15) Warmup:
 Jog 4 laps
Running and footwork drills – 5 minutes (Alternate – karaoke, high knees, cut-drills, side-shuffle)
Calf and ankle stretches
Then – with PVC, 3 rounds of:
10 pass throughs
5 Push Press
5 Pressing Jerk Balance (This is a slow, deliberate push jerk – ask a coach to demo if needed)
5 Push Jerk
(15-30) Strength/Skill: Jerk
7 attempts at a 1 rep max after working up in load
– All max effort reps from a rack
– If you are not comfortable with 1RM go for multiples (3-7 reps)
– For heavier weights use a spotter to help you bring the weight safely down
(30-50) Conditioning:
21-15-9 Rep sets of the following couplet
Shoulders to overhead 115/75# (Int: 95/65, Beg: 55/35)
Sandbag Squat 50/30 (Beg: Air squat)
Post loads and times to comments!
Cool down: stretch shoulders and middle back, quads.  Jog/walk 2 laps minimum