WOD Sat 12-22-12
December 21, 2012
Christmas Day -Tues – 12-25-12
December 24, 2012

WOD Mon 12-24-12

It’s Christmas Eve!



Nov 101 Class working on their new med-ball clean

500 M Row or Run
3 rounds through the following circuit at a warmup pace
10 toe-touches each leg
1 minute squat stretch
4 x banded shoulder stretch
10 pass throughs
10 abmat situps
Strength:  Weighted pullups
– 7 x 3 rep sets with weight
– If you normally do banded pullups perform 7 sets with no kip at a lighter band than normal for max reps each set
– These should not be easy sets – your 3rd rep should be very tough and very slow – if it’s not – keep going until you find your limit
Cash Out:
8 Rounds – Tabata pullups
8 Rounds – Tabata Abmat Situps
Cool down: 
Easy jog to Franklin street corner and back, stretch and roll out the lats and middle back, seal stretch