Sat 1-5-13 – Deload Week – Day 6
January 4, 2013
WOD Tue 1-8-13 “Jackie”
January 7, 2013

WOD Mon 1-7-13


– Lots of DROM today to start with
– 500M Row
– Get a light dumbell and as a group go through the KB complex for the WOD 2x
Go through the following circuit 4 times
Each for 5 reps, no drops with the same KB (unless there is an injury limitation use the same weight for each arm)
Snatch R/L
C&J R/L (touch the ground)
Front squat R/L
Bent over row R/L
High-pulls R/L
Reverse Lunges R/L
Russian Swing x max reps
– RX – 24/16, Int – 16/12, Beg – 12 or DB scaled as necessary
– Try to keep consistent on your max reps
Cool Down: Minimum 500M easy row, then roll out, middle back, lower back, and quads then banded shoulder stretches