WOD Wed 1-9-13
January 8, 2013
WOD Fri 1-11-13
January 10, 2013

WOD Thu 1-10-13

The evening group strengthening their cores

150 Jumprope singles
50 doubleunders or practice for 3-5 minutes
Banded shoulder mobility complex – 4 stretches, 30 sec each arm
Coach lead shoulder mobility exercises
Skill/Strength: Shoulder Press
7 sets of 3 reps each
– Warm up with a moderate weight
– Each working set should be challenging and somewhere in the middle 3 sets you should be shooting for a 3 rep max PR
– Shoulder press has no dip drive, it is a strict pressing movement
21 Reps Shoulder Press 55/35
60 Doubleunders
15 Reps Shoulder Press
45 Doubleunders
9 Reps Shoulder Press
30 Doubleunders
– Remember a cash out is designed as a drop-dead sprint and should be able to be completed in less than 5 minutes.  
– This is when you find that next gear and push yourself deep into the pain cave and stretch the limits of how much discomfort you can tolerate
Cool Down:
Minimum row 500M, then DROM shoulders and banded shoulder stretches, wrist and forearm mobilizations