WOD Thu 1-24-13
January 23, 2013
WOD Sat 1-26-13 “Fight Gone Bad”
January 25, 2013

WOD Fri 1-25-13

Warmup: 1000m row, then 50 squats, 40 pushups, and 30 pullups (broken into any number of sets to achieve total number)

10 min Mobility work (focus on hips or other athlete-specific problem areas)

Buddy WOD- 20 min AMRAP (buddies alternate on ring dips)   1. Partner ‘A’ does tire flips (60ft), while partner ‘B’ does ring dips 2. Partner ‘B’ does prowler push (#95) while partner ‘A’ does ring dips, 3. Partner ‘A’ does sled pull while ‘B’ does ring dips.  Continue swapping in and out of the ring dip station using the same pattern.  (Score is total number of ring dips done during the 20 minutes)

Stretch the squat position and triceps, post your ‘buddy score’ to comments.