WOD Wed 1-30-13
January 29, 2013
WOD Fri 2-1-13 “Karen”
January 31, 2013

WOD Thu 1-31-13

And you thought you were dedicated…

2 x 25 jumping jacks
250M Row
2 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)
Strength/Skill: Push Press
5 sets of 2 reps each
– Warm up with 2-3 sets at lighter weight and more reps (4-8)
– We are looking for max weight with strict form
– These are continuous doubles so the eccentric portion of the first rep should lead directly into the dip of the second
21-15-9 rep sets of
Push Press 115/75 (Int: 85/55, Beg 55/35)
Hang Power Clean (Same bar)
GHD Situp (Sub weighted AB mat situps 15/10#)
Cool Down: Stretch forearms, minimum 2 x 30 jump rope singles & easy jog 200M, seal stretch for abs, banded shoulder complex
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