WOD Fri 2-1-13 “Karen”
January 31, 2013
WOD Mon 2-4-13
February 3, 2013

WOD Sat 2-2-13

Betsy’s looking solid on her front squats!

Down and back on mats with the following:
Side hops
Toe touch
Walking spider man stretch
Bear Crawl
Duck walk
Workout movement review & scaling:
Setup bars (or sandbags) and pullup stations for the WOD
Conditioning 1)
Max rounds and reps in 10 minutes of:
7 pullups (Int: Jumping pullups, Beg: Ring Rows)
7 shoulders to overhead 75/45 (Int/Beg: 45/25)
Score is your total number of reps (Rounds x 14 + extras reps)
Rest exactly 3 minutes
Conditioning 2)
On a 10 minute clock
5 rounds
15 hang power cleans 75/45 (Int/Beg 45/25)
100M shuttle run (either direction)
With remaining time perform max reps ground to overhead with 75/45 (Int/Beg 45/25)
(New athletes will use a sandbag or weight plate for Conditioning 2)
Score is your total number of reps ground to overhead
Post total scores to comments and cool down!  Walk/jog 200M, mobile DROM and stretch upper back  & hamstrings