WOD Fri 2-15-13
February 14, 2013
Mon 2-18-13 – Deload Week – Day 1
February 17, 2013

WOD Sat 2-16-13

 Warmup – Arm and hip DROM, then 3 rounds of: 20 squats, 5 sandbag cleans, and 20 lunges.   Then spend ~5 min working on squat mobility (spiderman, banded squat stretches, etc).  After warming up, get your area set up for the WOD.

WOD- 5 rounds: 10 pullups, 20 squat cleans (50/30# sandbag or KB, alternating arms if using the KB), 200m sandbag/KB run

Cooldown by rowing 500m and repeating the warmup with no weight at a slow pace. Stretch your problem areas and post your times to comments.