WOD Tue 2-26-13
February 25, 2013
WOD Thu 2-28-13
February 27, 2013

WOD Wed 2-27-13

Jenny T. gets down to business with the tire

400M Jog
50 Doubleunders
Coach Lead DROM drills top to bottom:
Neck, shoulders, T-Spine, Hips/low back, knees, ankles
10 x  walking drinking bird stretch
Strength: Deadlift
7 sets of 3
– Work up to max weight with perfect form
– Rep #3 needs to be just as pretty as #1 but at your max it will be much slower
– Don’t rush these, this is our focus for the whole day
– Make sure you update your benchmark logs
Cash Out:
At 50% of your 3RM from above – Max reps deadlift in 90 sec
Coaches challenge – don’t let go of the bar at all for the entire 90s