WOD Mon 3-4-13
March 3, 2013
WOD Wed 3-6-13
March 5, 2013

WOD Tue 3-5-13


 Julie looking comfortable in the overhead position… ready for some Thrusters!

Warmup:  2 minutes of each at a comfortable pace: 1) rowing, 2) jumping rope,  3)burpees.  Spend ~5min doing foam roller work on your quads and glutes.  Finish with 15 thruster reps with the PVC and 15 reps using the bar.

Strength: Heavy Thrusters (7 sets of 2), attempting to get a 2-rep max.

WOD- 30-20-10 reps of:   1) Thruster (75/55), 2) Double unders, 3)GHD Back extensions (sub good mornings at 45#/25# for the GHD extensions)

Post your max thruster load and WOD times to comments.  Cool down with the same movements from the warmup at an easy pace.