WOD Thur 3-7-13 (CFGames Open WOD #1)
March 6, 2013
WOD Sat 3-9-13
March 8, 2013

WOD Fri 3-8-13



Wallballs just for you, Betsy!

Warmup- 2 minutes of Shoulder DROM and pass-throughs, then 3 rounds of: Jog 400m, 15 pushups, 15 ring rows, and 5 prone walk-ups (from standing with hands touching toes, walk your hands forward until in a prone ‘push-up’ position, then walk your hands back up toward your feet)

Strength/skill- Back squats (5×7)

WOD- 10 minute AMRAP:  10 pullups, 12 KB cleans (24/16kg),  200m run


Cooldown with an 800m row and stretch the couch stretch and foam roller work, as needed.  Post rounds and reps to comments.