WOD Mon 3-11-13 “Nancy”
March 10, 2013
WOD Wed 3-13-13
March 13, 2013

WOD Tue 3-12-13

Derek looking solid on thrusters – notice bar position right over the shoelaces for a nice vertical bar path!

500M Row then
4 rounds
5 sandbag cleans
10 Air Squats
10 PVC Pass throughs
Strength/Skill: Hover Power Cleans
7 sets of 2 reps for max weight with the following requirements
– First rep is from the floor, second rep starts 1″ from the floor
– If the bar touches ground before the second rep it does not count
– This complex will not allow you to relax at all at the bottom position so choose your weight accordingly
30 power cleans for time (Ground to shoulders anyhow) 155/105 (Int: 115/85, Beg: 85/55)
(This should be heavy and fast)
Cool down: 
Minimum 200M walk/jog, spend some focused time with an LAX ball on your middle back and traps, use the barbell/LAX ball combo to loosen up that first rib.