WOD Tue 3-12-13
March 11, 2013
WOD Thu 3-14-13 (CF Games Open WOD #2)
March 13, 2013

WOD Wed 3-13-13

Planks are easy (when you’re doing box jumps)

500m Row then
5 rounds:
5 pushups
5 pullups
5 GHD back extensions
5 Hip rotations
Skill: Push Jerk Review
– Spend 10 minutes reviewing technique and foot positioning (split or standard) and multiple quality reps
– Work up to a moderate weight with perfect form in sets of no more than 5 reps
Conditioning: How long can you go?
EMOM with 115/75#
7 Deadlifts
5 Shoulders-to-Overhead
– Clock will run down from 25 minutes – if you make it to the end win a movement substitution of your choice on a WOD within the next week (see a coach for more info)
Cool Down: 
1 – Hamstring stretch
2 – Pretzel stretch
3 – 300M easy row
4 – Triceps stretch and smash with a buddy