WOD Mon 3-25-13
March 24, 2013
WOD Wed 3-27-13
March 26, 2013

WOD Tue 3-26-13

Morning ladies looking awesome in the overhead squat!

3 x 50 jump rope singles – 30 sec calf stretch between sets
2 x 30 ft. bear crawl, 30ft leaping lunges (lunge position to forward leap)
3 rounds through burgner warmup – on 26-30 focus on pulling yourself down into the partial or full squat receiving position
Skill/Strength: 3-position Snatch
5 working sets of 3
– One set is 1 x high hang snatch (bar starts in “the pocket”), 1 x mid hang snatch (bar starts slightly above knee), 1 x snatch (bar starts from hover or mid shin position)
– Resist the urge to compress further from the starting position (i.e. for rep #1 do not start at the pocket, push down to mid-thigh, then jump).  The 3 position snatch is specifically to drill the proper sequence of the different pulls and eliminate early arm bend
– If you are not comfortable going heavier just drill form, but minimum weight is the barbell for this movement (45/35)
4 rounds for time
20 single-leg deadlifts 24/16kg KB (Alternate 10L/10R) and use opposite hand and foot
15 plyometric pushups on your KB – (even if assisted these should be plyometric)
Cool Down:
1) Pec stretch – 2 x 30 sec each arm
2) Pec LAX ball roll – 10 passes each arm
3) Foam roller – lower back – flex and extend on each vertebrae 10x up and 10x down
4) Squat bottom hold 120 seconds
5) Hip DROM – leg swings front/side 10x each
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