WOD Fri 3-29-13
March 28, 2013
WOD Mon 4-1-13
March 31, 2013

WOD Sat 3-30-13

Josh with a great overhead position on the KB swing!

500M Row easy pace
10 x big arm circles
Shuttle run 60 ft (down and back on mats)
10 x hip mobility leg swings
Shuttle run 
10 x pushups
Shuttle run
10 x jumping jacks
Shuttle run
Jog in place 30 sec with knees to parallel
Shuttle run
Partner WOD:
Max Meters rowed in 6 Minutes 
Rules are as follows:
-Max distance by any partner before a switch is 500M 
– Partner not rowing may perform Wallballs (20#-10ft and 14#-9ft) worth 5M each added to the total distance
Rest 1 minute – record your total meters and wallballs
Max doubleunders in 6 minutes
– Max doubleunders by any partner before a switch is 50, minimum is 10
– Substitute 4 for 1 singles
– Partner not jumping rope may substitute slam balls, 1 ball slam = 4 doubleunders
Rest 1 minute – record your total doubleunders and slam balls
Max 15M shuttle runs in 6 minutes (down and back = 2 reps)
– Max shuttle runs by any partner before switching is 20 (10 trips down and back)
– Partner not running may perform Air squats – 10 squats = 1 shuttle run
Record your total shuttle runs and air squats
Final score is the total of the three
Cash-out – coaches challenge: 
Max duration parallel hold on the GHD situp holding a 15#/10# plate at your chest
Cool Down and Post times and total reps to Comments:
1) Partner split stretch – 45 sec hold each partner
2) Triceps smash on barbell or foam roller – 2 x 10 contractions on each arm in different locations
3) Spiderman stretch – 5 x each leg with 5 sec hold in each position
4) Banded lat stretch – 30 sec each arm – palm up
5) Banded hip flexor stretch at pullup rig – 30 sec each leg
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