WOD Sat 3-30-13
March 29, 2013
WOD Tue 4-2-13
April 1, 2013

WOD Mon 4-1-13

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Familiar scene – different location.

Across the 6500 affiliates world wide we share a common purpose of seeking the best for our athletes through fitness and building a community.


500M Row then

10 x each direction

Neck rolls, shoulder/arm circles, wrist rotations, trunk rotation and flexion, hip swivels, knee swivels, seated ankle rotations

6 Vertical Frog hops – high knees

6 Prone Walk-ups with legs straight

6 Pullups


12min AMRAP

5 pullups

10 KB cleans 16/24KG (one arm only, alternate each round)

15 high box step ups (30″/24″)

Coaches challenge – wear a 20# weight vest

Note: Do not jump down from the box if you have the vest on


  Cool Down:  

1) 200m Walk/jog

2) Foam Roller – Lats and mid back – 10x each side

3) Partner Bicep/Elbow compression band floss – 10 x each arm

4) Banded squat stretch – 90 sec continuous

5) Relax.