WOD Mon 4-15-13 “Fran”

Sat 4-13-13 Deload Week Day 6
April 12, 2013
WOD Tue 4-16-13
April 15, 2013

WOD Mon 4-15-13 “Fran”

Check out this video of the Men’s Final Heat from last year’s CrossFit Games in Carson California

Cindy’s band gets smaller every month!

400M easy Row
10 x walking toe touches each leg
10 x hip swivels each direction
Banded shoulder stretch complex – 4 stretches, 30 sec each arm
7  barbell thrusters
7 pullups
5 minutes working on shoulder mobility and finding end range – LAX ball or Foam roller in the middle back and sub-scapular area
7 pullups
7 barbell thrusters
WOD: “Fran”
Fran is CrossFit’s 100M sprint.  It is a basic, reliable indicator of full body power over a relatively short period of time.  Whether your time is 15 minutes or 2 minutes, when done with the “bear is chasing me” work ethic, Fran will take you to the edge of your ability.  People make the greatest gains in life when they train at the margins of their ability, not in the comfort zone.  Your challenge today is to drive past the point where you normally set the bar down or drop from the rig and put your hands on your knees.  You CAN DO one more rep and today is the day to get a PR.
21-15-9 rep sets of
Thruster 95/65
– New athletes should scale the weight and pullup resistance to an appropriate but challenging level
– This is an all-out effort but especially at the end pay attention to technique and keep those reps legit
Cool Down:
1) 200M walk/jog
2) Foam roller – lats, middle back – 10 x L, middle, R
3) Foam roller quads – 10 x from hip to knee, 10 x from knee to hip flex/extend
4) Partner chest stretch – 2 x 20 sec each partner
5) Partner prone hamstrings – PNF – 10 cycles each leg
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