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April 19, 2013
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April 22, 2013

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Got Balance?

One of the fundamental proposals in CrossFit is also a stumbling block for sport-specific athletes.  How can I be good at all these things and still excel in my sport?  Would you be a better tennis player if you had more agility?  Would you be a better football player if you were more flexible?  Would you be a faster swimmer if your stamina was greater?  What would it do to my off road trail runs if my balance was better?  The answer is that CrossFit improves your overall athleticism and unless your sport does not reward more pure athletic ability – it is a great conditioning and training tool to take an athlete from average to outstanding.

3 Rounds Not for time
250M Row
5 Air squats with 10 sec hold at the bottom
20 Doubleunders
1 minute weighted rack stretch
30 sec each leg – bar on knees, ankle stretch
Strength/Skill: Front Squat
5 sets of 2 reps each for max weight
15 Front Squats 155/115 (Int: 85/55, Beg: 55/35)
50 Doubleunders
12 FS
100 Doubleunders
9 FS
150 Doubleunders
– Sub for doubleunders will be lateral bag hops with a 40M shuttle sprint after every 50 hops
Cool Down:
1) 200M walk/jog
2) Calf stretch at wall – 2 minutes per leg continuous
3) Dragon fly – 30 sec each arm
4) Quads – double LAX ball (or foam roller if it’s too much pressure)
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