WOD Tue 4-30-13
April 29, 2013
WOD Thu 5-2-13
May 1, 2013

WOD Wed 5-1-13

The caption I wanted to put at first was “And your excuse was what again?” but that’s a little harsh!  I want everyone to take this as motivation that no matter who you are you can pursue your physical goals and have a blast here if you put your heart in it and aren’t afraid to fail.  Hat’s off to David for a 25# weighted pullup and showing us what an Iron-man really looks like!

400M Run
Stretch Calves
Banded shoulder mobility complex – 4 stretches, 30 sec each arm
Then 3 rounds NFT:
7 Toes to Bar
7 Close hand position pushups
7 Burpees
Conditioning 1:
Benchmark – 1K row
Rest 5-7 minutes
Conditioning 2:
6 x 2 minute intervals
30 sec max effort row
10 sec switch
30 sec alternate exercise
50 sec rest
– Alt exercises: Toes to bar, Ring Dips, Deadlift 155/105
Cool Down:
1) Compression band – calves – wrap then stretch at the wall – 1 minute total per leg
2) Foam roller – hips and glutes – flex/extend at the waist 10 x each side
3) Banded hip flexor stretch at rig – 1 minute each side static stretch
4) Finish with a 200M easy jog
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