WOD Mon 5-6-13
May 5, 2013
WOD Wed 5-8-13
May 7, 2013

WOD Tue 5-7-13

Impressive group!

400M Run
3-5 minutes Doubleunder practice
Stretch calves
3 Rounds NFT:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 PVC Thrusters
Thruster Practice and loading – work up to your weight for the WOD, MAX of 2/3 Bodyweight
5 rounds for Max Reps:
Thrusters – 2/3 Bodyweight (scale as necessary)
Rest 3-4 minutes after each round, no rest between thrusters and pullups
Coaches Notes:
– There is no time component for this workout
– This can be really easy OR it can be a really good workout – Max reps means you physically can not complete another repetition with proper form.  If you never push your limits you will impede the progress of your physical development – the real gains we make are when we push into uncharted territory and make ourselves really REALLY uncomfortable.

Find your cave today.

Cool Down:
1) Easy walk & stretch 100M
2) Hip stretch – bottom of squat in band or at the wall – 1 minute static
3) Double LAX ball – middle back – 10 x snow angels in 3 spots
4) Dragon fly – 2 x 30 sec