WOD Thu 5-16-13
May 15, 2013
WOD Sat 5-18-13
May 17, 2013

WOD Fri 5-17-13

Train smart, train hard and go home with no regrets!

3 rounds not for time
20 partner medball chest passes
100m shuttle run
20 partner overhead medball passes
100m shuttle run
20 partner back to back passes
100m shuttle run
20 partner med ball situps
100m shuttle run
Setup stations and review movements for Conditioning 2)
Conditioning 1)
5 x 200M Sprint on 2 minute interval
5 minutes rest then
Conditioning 2)
Complete the following for time
20 HSPU (Int/Beg: Scale as appropriate for an overhead pressing movement)
30 Pistols (Int: Assisted pistols on box, Beg: Air Squats)
40 Toes to bar (Int/Beg: Scaled as appropriate)
50 Pullups (Int: Assisted pullups, Beg: Ring Rows)
Cool Down:
1) 200M walk/jog
2) Standing hamstrings stretch
3) Stretch Quads (standing/seated/with foam roller)
4) Forearm stretch