WOD Sat 6-29-13
June 28, 2013
WOD Tue 7-2-13 – Testing Week – Day 2 “Fran”
July 1, 2013

WOD Mon 7-1-13 – Testing Week – Day 1

No – not that kind of testing!!

Starting today CFM will be performing a week of benchmark testing.  Items in the test week will be standard CrossFit as well as various fitness metrics that we want to track.  After this week, everyone should have some new benchmark numbers that we will use going forward for our strength training, and we should also have some new benchmark WOD times to chase down.  You may have heard of other gyms offering a “summer beach body program” and charging their members $50-$150 for the extra service.  CFM has a little different twist on that idea:
A) it’s not going to cost any extra BUT
B) It’s not optional
Everyone is signed up and you are all officially on a strength and conditioning program for the summer time.  We will perform similar testing weeks at several points during the summer and we will re-do this week at the end.  My personal goal is to see each and every one of you make improvement in some, if not many aspects of your fitness.  
Options available to you will be:
1) Body fat percentage measurement at multiple times during the summer
2) Goals consultation with a coach and assignment of extra assistance work to help you achieve them
3) Nutrition consultation and food log reviews
Remember that the gains you want to make are standing behind a barrier of effort and it’s up to you to climb that wall, both physically and more importantly – mentally.  
**Caveat to this week** If you cannot safely perform the movement then we will not attempt a 1 rep maximum effort, rather we will use a 3 or 5 rep and apply a standard percentage based approach to estimate the 1RM and use that estimated number for your program.  
5 minutes continuous motion – run/jump rope/bike/row – athlete’s choice, any rotation, any combination but keep moving
Barbell warmup –
Snatch – 3 x Hang pull, 3 x hang power snatch, 3 x hang squat snatch
Strength/Skill Test #1: Snatch
– 15 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch
– If technique is not yet dialed in enough, we will take 20 minutes to perform 7-10 sets of 3-7 reps each, not to failure. 
Strength/Skill Test #2: Clean & Jerk
– 15 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

– If technique is not yet dialed in enough, we will take 20 minutes to perform 7-10 sets of 3-7 reps each, not to failure.
Conditioning Test #1: Athlete choice
800M run or 1K Row time trial
Cool Down:
1) Walk/jog 200M
2) Dragon Fly – 30s L/R
3) Walking toe touches 30ft
4) Reverse lunges with stretch at bottom – 30ft
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