WOD Thu 7-25-13
July 24, 2013
WOD Sat 7-27-13
July 26, 2013

WOD Fri 7-26-13

Programming note: Due to the CrossFit Games CFM will be inviting CFER athletes up for Saturday WODs at CFM this weekend and modifying several class sessions for the upcoming weekend and next week.  Check the schedule for the latest

Don’t Forget about Marina Madness dockside in Manitowoc Saturday afternoon starting at 4:00PM.  WOD, food, drinks, and an awesome yacht courtesy of the Wingas!  Bring a chair for the bonfire and whatever drinks and sides you want to eat.

(Today) Friday morning 7/26 the 8am and 9am classes will be cancelled (5am and evening wods are on)

Monday night 7/29 the 6PM, and 7PM Olympic Lifting Classes will be cancelled (5pm and 8pm are on)

5 minutes personal DROM and mobility
10 PVC pass throughs
3 rounds through Burgner warmup
move right to:
Skill/Strength: Snatch
5 attempts at a 1 RM
– Work up to your max weight taking several minutes between each attempt
– Beginner and novice athletes may perform 5 sets of 3-5 reps as directed by a coach with focus on technique and not maximal load
14 minutes EOM
Even: 2 hover clean & jerks – heavy (~85% of your 1RM)
Odd: Max reps Flutter kicks in 30 sec/rest 30 sec
Cool Down:
1) Stretch the shoulders, hips and spinal erectors
2) 400M jog without stopping, easy pace
3) Double LAX ball – 10x arm rotations in 3 locations
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