WOD Fri 8-2-13
August 1, 2013
WOD Mon 8-5-13
August 4, 2013

WOD Sat 8-3-13

60ft walking toe touches
60ft walking spiderman stretch
60ft walking split stretch (touch L/R foot each step)
60ft bear crawl
60ft duck walk
60ft crab walk
WOD movement review:
1 time through each of the movements with an unloaded barbell
We will pick one weight for the entire workout –
RX: 95/65
Beginner and Novice athletes will use plates or sandbags
50 Thrusters
Run 200M
40 Front Squats
Run 200M
30 Ground to Shoulders
Run 200M
20 Ground to Overhead
Run 200M
Cool Down:
1) Stretch & cheer for anyone who finishes after you
2) 12 reps – Drinking bird L/R
3) Frog position hip stretch – 2 minute static hold
4) Cat/Cow – 8 cycles – 10 sec each position