WOD Sat 8-10-13
August 9, 2013
WOD Tue 8-13-13
August 12, 2013

WOD Mon 8-12-13 – CrossFit Total

Today’s workout is the CrossFit Total – a sum of the 1RM of Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift, in that order.  You may take 3 attempts per movement.  

500M Row
3 Rounds NFT:
5 Barbell back squats
5 Barbell shoulder press
5 Barbell deadlift
Warmup each movement with incremental weight increases up to your opening weight.  
– Be ambitious but not greedy with the weight increases
– Be smart about the movements – if you can’t do it RIGHT – you can’t do it.
WOD: CrossFit Total
– 3 x 1RM attempts at Back Squat
– 3 x 1RM attempts at Shoulder Press
– 3 x 1RM attempts at Deadlift
Record each weight and the total for your final score
Cool Down:
1) Deload each movement – light squats, presses, and deadlifts
2) Standing hamstrings stretch – 3 x 20 sec L/R
3) Shoulder DROM and banded shoulder stretchs
4) Foam roller – quads and glutes