WOD Fri 8-16-13
August 15, 2013
Deload Week Day 1 – Mon 8-19-13
August 18, 2013

WOD Sat 8-17-13

Evening group rocking the Filthy 50!

5 minutes personal DROM and squat focused mobility – hips, ankles, hamstrings
10 burpees
10 lunge steps
10 pullups
10 pushups
10 air squats
5 x 5 minute intervals (track time each round)
25 Plate jump squats 45/25 (hold plate anywhere you want)
20 OH Lunge steps 45/25 (hold plate above your head, can not be touching any part of your body but the hands)
15 Plate GTO burpees (plate to ground, chest to plate, then burpee to plate fully overhead)
Cool Down:
Group walk around the block
Stretch hamstrings, chest, triceps, quads