WOD Fri 9-6-13
September 5, 2013
WOD Mon 9-9-13 “Fight Gone Bad”
September 8, 2013

WOD Sat 9-7-13

5am crew slammin

Pick a partner for the WOD and perform the following partner drills and stretches
1K partner Row – swap every 250M
Partner relays – 8 x 60 ft. alternating:
1) Karaoke
2) High heels
3) Side hops
4) High knees
5) Bear Crawl
6) High knee skips
7) Walking toe touches
8) Walking lunges
2 x 30 sec partner split stretch
2 x 30 sec partner chest stretch
Buddy WOD – Complete the following for time:
Partner Row 1K m alternating every 250m
Then 2 Rounds – Each partner performs the prescribed number before moving on
25 KB Swings 24/16
35 Slam balls (30/20)
45 Toes to bar

400m Relay (Each partner performs 200M, break up into 100s)

Then: 100 Pushups (now both partners at the same time) call time when both partners are done with all pushups

Cash out: TBA

Cool Down:
1) First finished – first cheerleaders
2) Group stretch and roll out – be intentional with what is bugging you