WOD Sat 11-2-13
November 1, 2013
WOD Tue 11-5-13
November 4, 2013

WOD Mon 11-4-13

Terry looking strong on the deadlift!

Strength: Front Squat

3 Sets of 3-6 reps at 70-75% 1RM

– Final set for max reps BUT practice ditching before you get under a weight you may fail with


Partner WOD:

3 x 4:00 rounds for max total reps and max total calories

2:00 max effort row (for calories)

1:00 unbroken handstand hold (partner watches the clock) – 10 burpee penalty for breaking HSPU after completion of the workout

1:00 max effort chest to bar pullups

4:00 rest while partner is working

– Total workout time is 24 minutes, each partner will be working for 12 minutes.

– Be sure to be on the rower and ready to go as your partner finishes the C2B pullups to keep on the 4:00 interval

– When 3 rounds are completed move immediately to any burpee penalty owed