WOD Tue 11-12-13
November 11, 2013
WOD Thu 11-14-13
November 13, 2013

WOD Wed 11-13-13

Hope everyone is getting good use out of the lifting platforms!

Partner WOD: “Lynne +”

5 Rounds for Max Total Reps:

Bench Press – bodyweight (Scale to a weight that allows  NLT 8 reps, NMT 20 reps on your first set) – Partner is your spotter

Pullups – (Scale to achieve NLT 15 reps unbroken) – when you come off the bar the set is over

Back Squat – bodyweight (Similar scaling to bench)

– There is no time requirement other than moving immediately from exercise to exercise, rest 2-4 minutes between rounds

– Depending on class size we may use groups of 3 to allow everyone to get their sets in, be sure to look out for your partners!