WOD Sat 2-22-14
February 21, 2014
WOD Mon 2-24-14
February 23, 2014

2-23-14 – Rest Day

What do you do for rest?  For mental and physical recovery?  Paying attention to life in the universe leads to the observation that many important things are cyclic.  The day, the week, the months, seasons, life, death, taxes…As the your energy waxes and wanes make sure to constantly look outside yourself and try to think about training as another cycle, another rhythm to be in.  You will not always be ON, and bad days are quickly replaced by the next PR – no matter how new or “seasoned” you are.  The beauty of CrossFit is that it only gets old if you let it, and that would be a fundamental flaw on the programmer’s part (ME) – there are always more gymnastic skills you can work on, new sports to play, new distances to achieve, new formats to challenge you.  Keep your mind and your body thriving by taking a full out rest day and you will not regret it!