Rest Day – Sun – 4-6-14 – “Anything you want to”

WOD Sat 4-5-14 Deload Week Day 6
April 4, 2014
WOD Mon 4-7-14
April 6, 2014

Rest Day – Sun – 4-6-14 – “Anything you want to”

You can do anything you want to.  Maybe your parents told you, or a guidance counselor, but now that you are grown, it sounds like a fairy tale.

It’s a strange and bold statement, and it requires some context.  No you can’t will yourself to fly, but if you sacrifice and change your life you could take some flying lessons and someday buy a plane.  The point is that most people spend their lives wishing they were somehow different but don’t put boot to ground to make it happen, much less spend any time planning out how they would ever get there if they had the motivation to start.

There are too many things to change.  How many have you heard or used to justify settling for what you have:

“I could never leave my job”  “I could never move away from family”  “I’ll never be that strong”, “Doubleunders just aren’t for me” or “I’ll never be able to stick to a diet”

How many times have you heard the voice of safety and conventional wisdom telling you at the bottom of it all – “it’s just too hard to change”?  Realizing this is the case for just about everyone, and specifically applying that filter to your thoughts can get you to take the first step to freedom and to doing the thing you have always dreamed of.  Is it looking good with your shirt off?  Is it running a mile in <5:00?  Is it finishing a tough mudder or running a marathon?  What about squatting bodyweight?  Everyone needs these rabbits to chase in their daily lives or they get sucked into the drudgery that is modern American life.  Find your passion, find your goal, whatever it is and chase that thing down with some determination.   Then do it again, and make that your habit.

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